13+ Years PHP Programming Experience

I started programming in PHP back in 1999. A lot sure has change since then...


I am an expert PHP programmer, with an in-depth knowledge of all of the fundamental PHP syntax, functions, classes & concepts.


PHP5's embrace of well structured OOP (Object Oriented Programming) has received nothing but praises from me. I have already built several libraries for clients that use the PHP5 structure.

PHP Installation & Configuration

I have on many occasions setup PHP in several different environments, including many Linux distributions, Windows & OSX. I have built custom PHP configurations that included the minimal modules necessary. I have configured PHP to run with Apache, LightHTTP and other web servers.

PHP Module Programming

I have on several occasions dabbled with PHP's internals, though much less since the release of PHP5. PHP5's performance is so powerful I have not had a need to add any core functionality to it, but if the need should arise, I would love the opportunity to do the job.