Here I give credit where credit is due for the libraries used to make this website.

Twitter Bootstrap

The navigation bar at the top, the fixed footer bar at the bottom, and everything in between is laid out with Bootstrap. I'm also using Bootstrap heavily in the games I programmed.


On the back end, I'm using LightVC to handle the VC part of my MVC setup. LightVC is a wonderfully simple Controller / View setup that is easy to extend for simple custom websites like mine.


CoughPHP handles the M part of my MVC setup.  CoughPHP is a simple, yet powerful PHP ORM that is lightweight and easy to use.  It even includes it's own model generator which has a rich set of options.


jQuery is used as the base JavaScript framework.  It's cross-browser compatibility is tremendous, and the features of the library are outstanding.


Any JavaScript on the site was written in & compiled by CoffeeScript.


All CSS was written in & compiled by Sass.

Most of the game sounds came from